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Concrete Surface Prep Includes Chemical or Mechanical Material Removal

At Custom Polished Concrete, we offer high precision concrete surface prep and concrete leveling services. Preparing the surface of a concrete floor properly is the key to having a new coating or floor product installation that last.

The evenness and smoothness of the new flooring and its successful bonding will depend on the cleanliness and uniformity of the underlying concrete.  

Therefore, concrete floor prep is done to remove the sealers, adhesives, paints, bumps or other things on the surface that might act as bond breakers.   

Our concrete surface prep and concrete leveling services may involve chemical or mechanical procedures for the removal of undesirable materials from your floor.

Equipment such as grinders, tile scrapers, shot blasters, and scarifies are used for concrete floor prep to bring out a clean, flat and smooth floor.  Use our concrete surface prep and concrete leveling services when you need to remove old:

• Sealants
• Adhesives
• Paint
• Uneven pits and bumps


Concrete Leveling Services to Improve Uneven Floors

Whether an old concrete floor has to be restored or a new floor system has to be installed over it, ensuring the evenness of the floor is of paramount importance.

If concrete floor prep is not done efficiently, the bumpiness of the old floor will show up even in the new floor and compromise its quality and finish.

Our trained and experienced technicians excel at concrete surface prep and concrete leveling services that make your floor completely devoid of depressions, ridges, cracks, indentations, or bumps so that it will be extremely smooth to the touch.

Our concrete surface prep and concrete leveling can also fix uneven floors and give them a leveled surface that ensures a smooth overlay.

Our concrete floor prep services specialize in preparing floors for:

• New construction
• Remodeling
• Additions


Concrete Floor Prep is a Must for Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a great option for enhancing the appearance and durability of concrete floors. It is an especially ideal solution for repairing and giving a luxurious look to ugly concrete flooring such as the one usually found in garages.

Epoxy coatings show exceptional chemical resistance and strong adherence to concrete surfaces. 

To make epoxy floors really effective, it is important that the floor first undergo concrete surface prep and concrete leveling.

The required concrete floor prep involves concrete leveling and cleaning of the surface to make sure that the bonding between the epoxy floor systems and the concrete floor is strong and durable.

We have the capabilities and equipment necessary to carry out the concrete surface prep and concrete leveling services you might need to fortify your concrete floors.

When installing epoxy floors, call us to make sure:

• Concrete leveling is done correctly
• Concrete surface prep is complete
• The epoxy will bond to the concrete floor

Expert concrete floor prep is an assurance of a successful new floor installation. Don’t take chances with it! Trust only Custom Polished Concrete for your concrete surface prep and concrete leveling needs. Call 206-953-9810.

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